Incorporating good ideas.

Why Do I Need a Minute Book?

The Business Corporation Act, British Columbia, (the " BCABC") , and the other like provinical acts and the federal act, all require incorporated companies and other legal entites to keep a set of specific records.

Section 42 of the the BCABC  states, amongst other documents, you must keep the following at your Records Office:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (or other like documents such as Certificate of Amalgamation or Name Change);
  • Incorporation agreement;
  • The Company articles (the set of rules governing your Company);
  • Central Securities Regsiter (who owns what shares);
  • Register of Directors (and Officers);
  • Director (and Officers) consents and resignations;
  • Shareholder and Director resolutions;

McLennan Consulting provides you with a properly organized Minute Book including the aforementioned documents which is included in the $800 or $850 fee for incorporating your company.   Click here to see s.42 of the BCBCA for the complete requirements of what is required to be kept in your Minute Book at your Records Office.